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In addition to our list of the best series in 2020, we would also like to introduce you to our very personal series highlights, which are series themselves, but also scenes or characters that have particularly impressed us.

Our “Star Wars” expert Tobias had his favorite series moment in 2020 in the second season of “The Mandalorian”. It is a moment that is comparatively inconspicuous, but in which the greatest strength of this amazing “Star Wars” series emerges ...

These days, the “Star Wars” makers are often accused of not offering anything new, but of relying on familiar narrative motifs and characters. At first glance, the series "The Mandalorian" also looks as if the focus here is again and above all on recognition value:

Rather than set the series in a previously unexplored time, it was conceived as a sequel to the original film trilogy. Basically, everything looks like in "Star Wars 4", only that droids are welcome in the cantina on Tatooine instead of being turned away, like C-3PO back then.

The venture was worth it

But even at second glance, "The Mandalorian" is a risk that could have gone really wrong:

The main character is a taciturn bounty hunter named Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), whose face we almost never get to see. Disney has bet a million-dollar production budget that we viewers will cheer for a protagonist who lacks one of the most important human expressions. And it worked!

Small gestures and the voice of Pedro Pascal are enough for me to notice what is going on in the bounty hunter, even though the Mandalorian helmet with the T-neck is completely expressionless. Like in my favorite scene from the second season, in which Din Djarin and his foster child Grogu sit together in the cockpit, as is so often the case. A farewell is imminent, as Din Djarin wants to drop the little rascal right away at the Jedi Temple - or rather: should drop him off.

Because Din Djarin no longer wants to part with Grog. He doesn't say he wants to keep him with him, but he doesn't have to say that either. No clear words and facial expressions are needed in this scene so that we can understand how much Papa's heart is bleeding here.


Din Djarin explains to Grogu how important it is that he is now trained by the right people, but basically, this explanation is not intended for Grogu, but for himself. Din Djarin's sad voice becomes stronger the longer he explains: He is trying to convince himself and to do this he clings to rules that others have given him, just as his helmet stays on belief is a set of rules that he has adopted from others without completely understanding it himself.

I would have loved to have been in the room when Jon Favreau presented his “Mandalorian” idea to convince Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy of the series. "Let me do a series about a brainwashed follower of a cult who keeps his helmet on for much of the first two seasons, but with which you will still be empathic." Good that Kennedy said yes - and quite brave.


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